Saturday, 29 March 2008

Am I a Sex Pest?

All i can ever think about while i am on the Central Line is that the upholstery has the word 'sex' written all over it. Few other people seem to see it. I think i am ill.

I Need new Vans

i don't actually think i could ever have enough pairs of Authentics...


these creepy gay porn stickers have appeared next to the door of my office. not sure what to make of them.

Second best Record Cover Ever....

it is also a bloody great album.


Only of any interest if you are into graffiti... COPE2 , 'god of the 4 line' and old schooler king of NY did this lovely little throw up in my diary. very urban.

Best Record Cover EVER?

white socks? check
suit? check
shades? check
cap? check
pump action? check

thats a man's outfit

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Pure Resentment

René Magritte had issues:

"I detest my past, and anyone else's. I detest resignation, patience, professional heroism and obligatory beautiful feelings. I also detest the decorative arts, folklore, advertising, voices making announcements, aerodynamism, boy scouts, the smell of moth balls, events of the moment, and drunken people."

He was married to a wallpaper artist.

Monday, 24 March 2008

a dead man on the strand

Nick Cave's a sinister chap isn't he.

Nick Cave - Mack the Knife (Right-click to save)

Helicopter Crashes

there are so many of these on youtube - some of them are less clearly fatal than this. I am harbouring a fascination with them that may soon verge on the perverted...

Purple Drank

Liquid codeine, a jolly rancher, some nondescript fizzy drink - there you have it. this killed DJ Screw - but it looks pretty fun.


I know its purile, but i simply cant resist a video with coke being cooked up in it, or a song with gunshots in stead of drums. so - this is a real moist-maker...

Oh... and while we are on the subject of keeping it trill, fuck hummers - this year its all about sitting on the handle bars of your mates mountain bike.

Friday, 21 March 2008

he's slimmer than frank lampard

from having pants on your head

to being one of the most boring men alive, Jimmy Bullard has it all

when i was

at school it was pretty much commonplace for people to grab each other's school books and draw penises on them. at the time i thought i was pretty good at turning the balls into eyes and the penises into noses. i really had it down to a fine art, so no one would ever expect i had, at one time, had a huge cock on my book... In retrospect, i'd say it was fairly obvious what was going on.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Haute Cuisine

Noodles and Broth. Thousands of years of culture on a plate.

Channel 5

has potentially ruined any credibility I may have had in my own judgements. By making Neighbours available to view after 7pm, I have found myself genuinely concerned about whether I can catch 'the latest from Ramsey Street'. For those of you who've missed out, Carmella (Natalie Blair) is still pretending to have a twin sister... Not the worst news.

In fact, if you've missed anything from Neighbours, at ANY point in its history, feel free to read through these dedicated viewers' outlines and screen caps of EVERY episode.

whatever happened to

Pop Stars making really cruel love songs? Maybe I'm just out of the loop now but when was the last time Gary Barlow wrote a good chart song about being really cruel to women? ... In fact, the more I listen to the Rolling Stones, the more I think Mick Jagger was the first gangster rapper.

Check out the similarities to Geto Boys. The educated listener will notice their obvious homage to 'the grandfathers of Gangster chauvanism' [70s rock stars] by sampling Pink Floyd.

Wow... forget the Wizard of Oz, I think I need to go back through Dark Side of the Moon and see what other films it provides a soundtrack to... Shaft??... Superbad??... Black Caeser??

Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb (Right Click to Save)

Geto Boys - Let a Ho Be a Ho (To Download from DivShare)

Spot the Difference...
Mick JaggerBushwick Bill

say what you like

about US rappers, can you imagine Jehst or Plan B having the balls to wear diamond clothes? Thought not. In fact, I don't think Carharrt, Addict, or any manufacturer of backpacks even sells clothes with diamonds and gold on them. Maybe they can make their own anti-war placards.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

north korea

Admittedly, everyone knows North Korea's a fairly odd place. To see the same photos everyone has of the country you could do a lot worse than have a look at this website and read what happens on the stage-managed tour. Now there's no need to ever have to go yourself!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Constable Death

More police names like this and readers of the Mail could sleep a lot easier.

Monday, 10 March 2008

"Peter, You've Lost the News!!"

talking of chronology

was this before or after the Nathan Barley TV series?? How far behind humour am I??

It has really thrown my trust in the world upside down.

devotion devotion devotion

any time I've ever tried to make a mixtape I use up all my best material in the first 30 minutes and wind up getting pretty 'experimental' with B-sides towards the end. I really can't imagine how long it took these guys to draw up these mixes of hip hop from every year of the 80s and 90s...

Guys must be so crippled with OCD it probably wasn't even a problem for them. They must have their whole lives in tidy chronoligcal piles, like a Modernist Mr Trebus.

Forgot the words a bit, guy?

IF you decide to be the secretary of state for Wales, you may want to learn the words to the Welsh National Anthem, or if you cant be arsed just look solemn and proud - don't do this...

Creepy as fuck Soviet era Estonian cartoon

This is totally amazing. It takes 'Watership Down' into the woods and slits it's throat its so dark and scary. Just remember - this was made for kids.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

The most slept on posse cut ever?

I don't know what happened to Scoob and Sauce, but at least the rest went on to bigger things...


the more i go out and have people stand on my feet the more this seems to be the way forward for nights out.