Tuesday, 18 March 2008

whatever happened to

Pop Stars making really cruel love songs? Maybe I'm just out of the loop now but when was the last time Gary Barlow wrote a good chart song about being really cruel to women? ... In fact, the more I listen to the Rolling Stones, the more I think Mick Jagger was the first gangster rapper.

Check out the similarities to Geto Boys. The educated listener will notice their obvious homage to 'the grandfathers of Gangster chauvanism' [70s rock stars] by sampling Pink Floyd.

Wow... forget the Wizard of Oz, I think I need to go back through Dark Side of the Moon and see what other films it provides a soundtrack to... Shaft??... Superbad??... Black Caeser??

Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb (Right Click to Save)

Geto Boys - Let a Ho Be a Ho (To Download from DivShare)

Spot the Difference...
Mick JaggerBushwick Bill

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