Friday, 25 September 2009

It was Supposed to be So Easy...

For some reason throwing up a few snide comments about stuff has become too difficult for us to manage recently, and the blog has been neglected. We'll try rectify it, but fact is, like all talented groups, our creativity cannot be contained in just one blog.

Blogging has been pretty slow on Noodles recently, but be warned that this may continue to be the case as we each pursue our own artistic projects over the next few months (before our dreams fall apart and we end up back in jobs we hate, and have loads of time on our hands to post shit on here again).

Bob, always the Charlie of our 'Busted' group, has decided to set up his own Fightstarr of a blog Completely Adorable. It looks pretty good so far, so check it out.

I, as the misunderstood talent behind much of the output, will continue plugging away, a la James from Busted. I have a side project of my own which I have woefully neglected, and as such rendered it pretty much useless. Meant to be a blog of my escapades travelling from coast to coast in America, it looks set to forever be a 'work in progress'. It's called StarsAndShites and is waaaay out of date already...

The metaphor falls apart here because Busted only has one more member, Matt. He did pretty well in boning and marrying MTV hottie, Emma Griffiths but both her and Matt's careers have been in freefall since, so let's just hope that neither Matt nor Bruno follow suit. Here's a really airbrushed picture of her:

And to make the title of this post make sense, here is a video some kid made for the Streets song: 'it was supposed to be so easy':

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