Friday, 11 December 2009

Best Email I've ever had on a Friday Morning

"last night, right. something very weird happened. I must have sleep walked. The first thing I remember is being on the top floor of xxxxx. In just my white pants

I had no idea what was going on. I freaked out and walked up and down the stairs. I thought that maybe I had been in another flat so i walked around all the other doors seeing if any of them were open (at this point i was still in a wierd trance). then i really got worried and cold and tried throwing rubbish out of the window in the hallway at matts window to wake him up to let me in to the flat but this didnt work. then i banged on our door for ages but nobody came to let me in.

then i walked up to the top floor again just because i knew no one would come up there. i found some cardboard boxes and some bubble rap and put them over me to keep warm. I had absolutely no idea what to do.

then i pissed in an empty bottle on the top floor cos i was desperate and it over flowed so i caught the rest in the mop bucket.

then i got really cold and walked down to ours again and banged on the door even harder (it was really hard to bang on the door loudly though cos i didnt want next door to come out and see me locked out in my pants. still no one came to let me in.

i was out of ideas. so i walked down to the bottom floor, trying to find some items of clothing somewhere so i could knock on someone elses door.
then i realised i could just buzz on our door and they'd let me in. (cant believe that i didnt think of this any earlier. i must have been in a real weird sleep trance) but still no one answered and i had to buzz for ages. And its so loud outside. i was so so woried that someone would look out of one of the groundfloor windows and I'm sure someone probably did.

then mickey let me in.

probably the strangest thing thats ever happend to me."

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