Friday, 11 April 2008

Unfortunate Discovery

I have always liked to think I was pretty impartial to issue of race, gender, sexuality and so on – a real child of the moderate, lefty, middle class, 90’s household. But this test devised by sadists at Harvard University’s Psychology department has shattered my illusions. It is designed to explore peoples’ underlying attitudes to race, gender, sexuality, age and religion. And it has exposed mine in a worrying fashion. It takes a few minutes and will, in all likelihood, make you feel like a total shit all day. I turned out to be fairly racist - no Rodney King level vibes, but you would definitely rather be a white guy than a black one if I was pointing a gun at you and had to make a very quick decision in a dark alleyway. But before you beat yourself up about it, it turns out the majority of white people and a lot of black people associate double-sided battle-axes and hand grenades with black people… prepare to face your inner racist.

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