Saturday, 17 May 2008

standards of english

Dear Sirs,

Upon entering a local convenience store in Hackney, London to buy some tampons I was shocked and appalled to see the above headline on the London Evening Standard. For years I have been campaining for the use of proper English grammar in all situations. Yet, my work is constantly undermined by knife-wielding street churls and 'popular culture'. I look to the last bastions of Brittania, the Daily Mail, to uphold my ideals of proper language. However, their bastard child the Evening Standard can here be seen to resort to street slang to refer to the wonderful Red-Cross workers who saved this young boys life. For Goodness sake, London is not one big football ground. I for one will refuse to buy any newspaper until we can all agree to call women women. And not the colloquialism 'gash'.

Yours in disgust,

Lynne Truss

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