Friday, 17 July 2009

"Us?? Haha, no... We're not Fascists!"

"...We just hate immigrants and want to kick them out".

So say Gaetano Saya of the Italian National Guard.

Anyone else think that their logo is bascially just dozens of swastikas stuck together?? Anyway, this is the uniform they want to wear to patrol Italian streets as a kind of souped-up Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Like most people, I'm pretty hazy around my definitions of what Fascism actually is. But from what I gather, it has a pretty bad reputation. It's come to be a by-word for 'Racist mass murderer', but I have a friend who insists that Fascism has been totally exploited from it's original intension, and it really isn't a bad thing at all. There must be something nasty about the word, because anyone labelled with it is very quick to deny any link to Fascism, when the rest of the world is equally as quick to insist thet they are Fascist. It's all so confusing.

Regardless of what Fascists may or may not want to do, and who they may or may not want to kill, I think there's one thing we can all agree on. And that's that if the Fascists of the past got one thing right, it was their fashion and sense of style. It was absolutly spot on and truly timeless. Just check these out for some pretty amazing examples of fascist architecture:

Although they lost the Second World War, the German's would have won the battle of the catwalk. With natty little numbers by Hugo Boss, the enthnically biased boys from Berlin looked every inch the rulers of a Bavarian dominated globe.

Dashing stuff indeed. So perhaps there is something worth remembering about Fascism and reviving?

For those of you who are keen to recreate the past 'glory days' where Fascism (or whatever you like to call it) didn't need to be denied, simply visit this, frankly unbelievable, website where you can buy reproduction uniforms and camo gear. It's all good stuff, dear.

Indeed, any budding Max Mosley sexual deviant out there who want to 'relive' the experience of being dragged to a gas chamber to get their rocks off can bring a bit of added realism to the situation with this reproduction cannister of Zyklon B. A touch pricey at $50, but you pay for quality these days.

You can even sip your tea out of a Zyklon B designed mug:

In fact, that website is so fucking bizzare you could spend all day on it discovering sinful gifts of hate that you probably thought had been exterminated 60 years ago.

Have fun!!

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