Monday, 16 June 2008

'Cómeme el coco, megs'

Remember that England friendly against Spain where Ashley Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips got monkey chants all game? Or Spain's manager at the time, Luis Aragones, calling Henry a 'black shit'? That's not to mention Lewis Hamilton's family all turning out to watch him practice.

Anyway the Spanish seem to really enjoy a good stereotype or two:
(According to google 'Cómeme el coco, negro' could mean 'Eat My Cocoa Nigger', 'Worry me nigger' or 'Soft-soap me black man').

Aparently an Afro-Caribbean gentleman once watched the show and found it mildly amusing which means it cant be racist.
Theres a really boring article about this and those little Conguitos sweets (which have an equally questionable design) here.

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