Thursday, 26 June 2008

Nice idea, but seriously…

So, like any other day, I got up, had a shower and had BBC Breakfast on in the background. Like any other day, the most important stories in the world were deemed to centre around whether or not it would rain (Glastonbury and Wimbledon – apparently it won’t!!), and how British people can no longer afford to put petrol in their cars (try not opening the windows on your car – it creates drag). Bill Turnbull, was as usual, on strikingly bad form.

Unlike any other day however, Sian Lloyd wheeled out two plastic baby dolls… with Downs Syndrome. Now, no one even wants a real Downs Syndrome baby. Fact. So why would anyone pay money for a fake one? And then give it to their kids to play with?

Whoever had the idea of making these dolls should really have run it past a focus group first, or even tried it out on Dragon’s Den. I can see Duncan Bannatyne really shooting the whole concept to pieces in about 10 seconds flat.

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Jeanette said...

I know it must be hard to fathom, but the idea of a doll that looks like your child can be a great thing. The whole Cabbage patch phenomena was all about that concept. I am a parent of a daughter with DS and it would be nice to have a doll that looked like her. (And yes, I Absolutely want her with my whole being!) I will say that I have searched the internet in the past after hearing about these dolls and I find them hideous. They do not look a thing like my daughter or any of the other children that we have known with DS. These dolls are not cute, they have awful features that are not representative of our kids, and I have no desire to purchase anything on the market today. I hope that someday you get the opportunity to know someone with DS and discover a love and friendship that those of us who live in the world of DS are happy to know.