Monday, 20 April 2009

420 Day!!! Light that Shit up..

Of course, there'll be no need to tell all you weedheads (or maybe you'll be too stoned, rofl!) but today is 420 day, or the 20th April.

I'm not sure why no one knows what it is in Britain, but it seems to be a huge deal in America. I guess maybe because in Britain any person over the age of 18 who talks about smoking weed is automatically ignored by everyone within earshot.

To sum it up for you, 420 seems to be a 'catchphrase' in the US that basically means 'i like to smoke weed'. I think the idea was that it was initially a cool underground little phrase that would only be understood by other weedheads (a bit like early Catholics etching fishes above catacombs in Rome), but now they have big parades to promote why cannabis should be legalized (a bit like Mass at Christmas or Easter). This guy thought the phrase itself was funny enough to warrant him blowing the opportunity of winning a ton of duff prizes on The Price is Right.

If you want to read more about it go here. In fact, the most shocking thing I noticed in this article is that it mentions the Editor of High Times magazine in 1998.

Only last week one of my friends sent round a front cover of that very magazine from 1992 with Cypress Hill on the cover, where we all laughed about how impossible it would be to find decent content for such a poorly conceived magazine. Matt even drew up a conversation from the offices of High Times, it went like this:

Editor: “So weed – still illegal?”

Writer: “Yep”

Editor: “Anyone rolled any interesting joint recently?”

Writer: “I made a windmill”

Editor: “You always do. Any feature ideas?”

Writer: “How about ‘Green vs. Hash – the Final Debate’?”

Editor: “I quit”

I feel proud that we can now give that man his real name. Stephen Hager. If anything I think 420 day should be renamed Stephen Hager Day in tribute to how he has managed to find enough cannabis related news to fill an entire magazine every month since at least 1992 until the present day. He must be a surprisingly stressed individual.


Anonymous said...

420 is American Police code for possession of marijuana in many states.

Anonymous said...

No it's not, that's a myth.