Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Balkan Diary, Part 2: Zagreb

Zagreb didn’t have much in the way of nightlife that we could see and anyone we spoke to only recommended shit bars full of Australians so when we heard that all the local youngsters were off to ‘Turbo-Folk’ parties we thought that might spice things up a bit. When anyone we asked about the scene told us how dangerous these night were and pleaded with us not to go we got even more excited and decided to cut our loses in Zagreb and go to a night in the home of Turbo-Folk, Belgrade.

As we would find out on the way to Belgrade, and for the rest of our travels, the most obvious difference between the ethnic groups that we could see is that Bosnians and Serbs love to set fire to plastic by the side of roads.
Croats on the other hand prefer to set fire to cars.

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