Thursday, 18 June 2009

Now I'd be the first person to

tell you how shit 2pac is, and all the rest of it... But I'm also not too big to admit that sometimes I might be wrong - see I really do like a lot of the stuff on this album.

Probably because there's tons of other guys on there so you don't get too bored of hearing about 2pac's contradictory bullshit about how he hates bitches / loves and respects his mum and all women; is a horrible thug / really a sweet and innocent guy, etc, etc.

2pac - Thug Life (Mediafire download) Stolen from this blog, which is ace.

While I'm at it, these 2pac songs are really good too:

2pac - How do you want it (Right-click to download)

2pac - Temptations (Right-click to download)

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