Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Quite possibly, a very biased website

All this fuss about Twitter and Youtube being the new vehicles that are going to deliver the next Iranian revolution really whipped me up into a frenzy today and I spent a large portion of time watching videos of people on marches; suffering abuse at the hands of authorities. It's all quite exciting stuff, and would be fascinating to watch unfold live on YouTube if a revolution did really happen. Not least to see the inevitable Gil Scott-Heron song quickly rushed out as he tries to find a political phrase that rhymes with YouTube.

After a bit more time on the web I came across this site called barenakedislam, and specifically this article. At first I wasn't too sure what the site was all about, the article was really long so I just read the captions on the photos. Stuff like this is ambiguous enough..

But stuff like this made me feel like I should probably start deleting my internet history:

If anything it was surprising to see that the retards who normally just post ill-informed, hateful comments under articles actually seem to have set up a website for themselves. I was keen to see what these folks could possibly leave underneath as comments now - Would they still slag everything off? Would they begin to comment on parts of the article, quoting sections, and take issue with the author's stance?? The results were surprisingly predictable:

...Not quite sure where this guy was going with his point. I think he is basing his whole arguement (which is, at best sketchy) on the idea that anyone who has a gun and a holster must be the same person..? I don't reckon that kind of logic would stand up in court.

REALLY? You think this website is 'too PC gone mad' for you?? What the fuck kind of opinions do you hold??

Yeah Frank, bring all your racist fucking idiot friends over to read barenakedislam, I genuinely do want to hear what kind of stuff you're going to say (I honestly would love to hear it).

Ha Ha!! Oh Shit!! Please - stop it - you're killing me!! HA!! First, he hits us with the 'pack of bacons', and then the almost mythological story about 'msulims' having their heads filled with pigshit... That is just too good. I hope this is one of Frank's friends. If it isn't, I'm half-tempted to think it's a hoax from a saboteur trying to ruin the otherwise high-minded level of debate that occurrs on the site.

Well... Not really much humour to be found in this comment. Guess this must be Frank's more militant friend.

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