Monday, 8 June 2009

"Two Words Two Words Two Words..

.. That's Wetgrooves."

Which is actually one word (the way you're spelling it Fuckface). Winter Music Conference must suck so much if this guy is deemed to be worth talking to that I don't even want to think about it.

And on the same TV network (A3), you can relive any shit party you've ever been to by watching "The Fabulous 300" party their New Years Eve away and pretending they're half their age. Or in the case of the guy who makes out that he lives only for booze and chicks - not a raving homosexual.

If America really wants to solve its immigration problem, they should stop their current policy of retina and fingerprint scans on entry, coastguards securing Mexican borders, and save themselves a few quid by just showing these videos on loop upon entry to the country. Even the poorest little Latin immigrant would turn away in disgust.

They could even use them to combat Cocaine smugglers. If the drug barons knew that the Cocaine they grow is responsible for tragic parties like these, they would surely starve the supply overnight to wipe wank parties like these from the face of the earth.

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