Monday, 28 July 2008

Gushing about Weezer

My housemate is a reasonably successful musician and a total Weezer fangirl, she thinks Rivers is a genius like most people think Bob Dylan is a genius (it's horrible when people actually say that out loud huh? Like they're the first person to think it and it's their special thing). I think that's because she's got a sense of humour about music unlike the people who are all earnest and macho about Bob Dylan. Rivers is on the same quest as Brian Wilson was, he's trying to write the perfect pop song, he even went to Harvard to study how to do it (he wrote a thesis about it, you can find it online if you google it I guess), he's totally cold about it and has made it into a science, it's not like he pours his heart into songs about his life, he's just doing what he needs to do to get hits. The whole thing is a total goof for him.

My favourite thing about Rivers is that he totally isn't how his voice sounds or how the fat girls in his band's t-shirts want him to be- a sweet nervous indie kid- he's unapologetically, arrogantly male and likes drugs, money, underage girls and sports, and he's also kind of old. This has all been said before, but until this new record he hasn't really sung about it.

Here he is hanging with his bros saying what a cool guy he is:

I'll try and post about some really rare hardcore records or something soon.

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