Thursday, 24 July 2008

Hate and Video Games

Because I have cruised through life with little or no direction I end up getting dumb jobs to make ends meet. Recently I had to travel around the UK telling Currys employees how to sell a particular computer game. I need some direction pretty sharpish I'd say.

In amongst this sea of below par, awkward and bland normal people two characters stuck out, the first was this weasley bloke who was in charge of this whole Currys roadshow, he was on my back the whole fucking time to get me to get 'the colleagues' more involved in my presentations (all the management called the drones that, as if they respected them as human beings, but they still treated them like unruly cattle and, I imagine, pay them as one would pay unruly cattle), he had beady little eyes, wore a nasty dress shirt and fucking horrible crododile skin shoes and he was passionate about his work. I hate people who are passionate about their work when their work is organizing some piece of shit touring expo designed to help morons sell washing machines.

The other character I totally drank in was this chump:

I had to work with him for a day, and he was passionate about his job too, he was pockmarked and had feathered hair and bootcut suit trousers and he had tried out for Big Brother or something and he had to run through this shit about being able to tape freeview tv on the console. He really worked the crowd with his anecdotes about being in Thaliraki and watching Hollyoaks on his PSP. He was quite a showman and clearly felt he had it in him to 'do TV'.

This bloke I work with in London came on one of these days and remarked of these people that the only thing he had in common with them was that they probably like lager too. I'm inclined to agree.

I'm such a fucking snob sometimes but I don't really care.

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