Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Punters say the funniest things

PunterNet UK is a lovely place where sordid tawdry little men can go and exchange reviews of their experiences with escorts, hookers and massasge parlours. It is crushingly grim, but also mind bendingly fascinating.There were, at the time of my writing this, 83925 'field reports' - these are where the fun is at. This: "I really enjoyed my time with Sophia. After an incredible back massage(those long nails are so teasing) I turned over and it wasn’t long before she had me in her mouth uncovered which was great to experience again after such a long time" is about Sophia of Oswestry.


bob said...

yeah sophia's quite a goer, really got the knots out my back

Chris said...

I saw someone come out of T's Massage on Great Eastern Street the other day. He was wearing a full tracksuit so I presume he's an injured athlete or something. Certainly looked keen to get back to his trainging program.

Craterface said...

East London - 1088 Reviews
How reassuring.