Friday, 27 March 2009


England friendlies are shit. Total shit. Always. You might think you care where Gerrard/Lampard/Rooney get played but it doesn't matter because the Keegan will just play Steve Guppy on the left anyway.
At least with muppet-faced Capello in charge there is the prospect of colourful encounters like this one between Capello and Di Canio.

"In 1996, when he was coach to Milan, the future England manager took his club on tour to the Far East. Leading a China XI 1-0 in Beijing, Capello told Di Canio he was replacing him with a midfielder to preserve their advantage. The outraged striker questioned why he found it so important to win what was "only a friendly" and in return received extraordinarily personal insult and a transfer to Celtic.

Di Canio: What the fuck are you doing? You're crazy. You're sick in the head.
Capello: And you're an ugly cunt with a face like a penis."

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