Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Top 5 Football Jerseys

Hmm, I’m not sure how much I agree with this list, and it’ll probably spur me on to do loads of similar lists of Top 5 English kits of the 80s and crap like that, but anyway, here we go:

5. Germany Home shirt, Italia 90.
I don’t really remember Italia 90 apart from playing with a mini football I’d gotten from McDonalds in the back garden. But I always thought Lothar Mattheus was the best player in the world, and being ‘the Sweeper’ was the coolest position ever. I guess this kit played a large part in those memories.

4. Italy, USA 94.
I’d just been to Rome a few months before this World Cup kicked off, so I was sooo into Italy ahead of this tournament it was untrue. I even bought myself a ‘Forza Italia’ scarf from a street-seller (and only later realized that it was the name of Berlusconi’s right-wing political party). Baggio was probably my favourite player ever. I had the cheap version of those Diadora boots, and always wanted this kit, but never bought it. I’m still hunting down a cheap one on eBay now.

3. Juventus, early 90s.
Again, as a massive Baggio fan I thought this kit was the coolest thing in the world. Danone also seemed to be the Rolls Royce’s of the yoghurt world, and at this stage I’m pretty sure Kappa was a fairly elite brand more in the mould of Lacoste than the pile of shit it quickly degenerated into. Everything about this kit is class.

2. AC Milan, Away kit 93.
I love plain white jerseys for how simple they are, and they always seem so soft to the touch. Like, even if it rained, the material wouldn’t get all horrible and make you feel cold like normal polyester ones, it would still feel like you’d get straight up and do more slide tackles. I didn’t have this kit, but I had the Italy Away shirt from the 98 world cup and it looks like exactly the same material.

1. Holland Home Shirt, Euro 88.
Wow, all of these shirts are from the heyday of football before Nike got involved with their shitty designs of the same kit for every team, but just changing the colours around… I hate that shit. To be honest, I don’t think this is my favourite kit, but I’m a real hypebeast when I gets down to it, so this has got to be top of the list purely because of the goal van Basten scored in it, and also the fact that it goes for about £200 these days.

Oh, and a special mention for anything Eric Cantona ever wore. What a guy.


Anonymous said...

Are all boys deeply into this stuff? I thought it was just my boyfriend and his brother.

You will not believe the amount of time I spent last in Soccer Scene last Summer examining various Euro 2008 kits/spend listening to descriptions of 80s and 90s kits (and feeling well proud when there's one I recognise). It's unreal, but I'm a cool girlfriend so whatevs.

My boyfriend is going to kill me when he reads this.

Conroy said...

you missed out the half green, half yellow manu top. The only football shirt i ever owned. My grandad dissed me for spending 35 quid on a shirt. it scarred me for life

O'Real said...

that half green, half yellow shirt goes for quite a bit on eBay these days. Should have have told your grandad to shut up, and that one day there'll be a global communication infrastructure, which everyone will be able to tap into with a box and screen in the corner of their houses, and though it will mostly cater for niche pornographic tastes, it will also be home to a vaste auction site where you'll be able to buy almost anything that ever existed off anyone in the world, and that if you keep hold of that shirt in mint condition you might be able to sell it for a few quid more in about 20 years time.

That would have shut him up.

JIRO said...

I was thinking of buying the Germany kit only last night, it's so beautiful, and the shorts, they were like the Mike Tyson shorts, all black, no crest on them or anything. I think your obvious love of Baggio has blinded your choice here Chris, the 94 Italy kid is pretty crap. I used to own that Milan away kit, but never thought much of it, if you're gonna pic a Milan top it has to be the Adidas one they wore during the Van Bastan/Gullit/Rijkaard days.

Personally I would have chosen German '90, England '90 (which I also considered buying last night), Man Utd's Cup Winners Cup '91, Argentina '86, Barca '96, France '84, Holland '88 and the Denmark keeper top from '92.

Jewelz Santana said...

The Liverpool 89/90 home kit is a classic. Great memories of Jan Molby squeezing his man tits into that bad boy (no homo). Can't remember exactly what season it was from but the mid-90s Borussia Dortmund home kit was also pretty awesome.

O'Real said...

that White Man United kit from 91 is amazing. I've bid on a few of those over the last past year or so, but it always gets pretty pricey pretty quickly.

Conroy said...

I bought an old spurs top for my bro off ebay, looked great in the pictures but when it arrived it was a total fucking crop top, all out of shape. Be carefull what you bid for

Anonymous said...

Even though complementing Chelsea makes me edge that little more closer to hell, I'd wear this bad boy constantly. Especially in a long sleeve.

Jonathan Rockwell said...

Ireland home (or away) 1990 is the greatest shirt ever. Also, Borussia Dortmund's neon yellow Nike shirt in '95/'96 was massive at raves, dropped killer with a pair Air Max '95's. Oh, and Man City's purple away kit with the piss yellow Brother advert. And Packie Bonners graph yellow CR Smith Celtic keepers shirt from '91 too. Jiro was right about Diadora '94 kit, rubbish, the Nike one just after was the lick

Anonymous said...

That yellow and green Man U shirt was rank. It had a grandfather/lace neck and a really smelly kid at my school used to wear it.

Anonymous said...

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