Saturday, 16 May 2009

It's a Boy Thing

If a girl looks awkward it's only because she's being all sweet and coquettish. It takes a boy to look truly awkward. Check out Ronaldo here when he spots a team mate's erection: (relax, just play the clip it's only about 3 seconds long):

Or some of these awkward family photos:

The main reason why it's only boys who can really look awkward is because girls have nothing to be scared about in their appearance. Worst case scenario is that they might have tucked their skirt into their pants or that they might be standing by themselves. Frankly these are only going to appeal to the predatory instincts of men and make the girl look even hotter. However, boys always have one fear in their minds. That they'll get busted in public rocking one of these...

There is no dignity to be salvaged from being seen with a boner in public.


(thanks to Kat and Anonymous)

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