Sunday, 8 February 2009

Notorious Molesterer

I'm pretty hyped about watching the new Biggie film when it's released. Saw a trailer for it on tv yesterday and it looks sick.. Just one thing though... I hope they don't dwell too much on his friend 'Gutter'. He seems like a pretty undesirable character, and frankly I'm disappointed that Big was such good friends with him that he even rapped about what he gets up to in his spare time...

This site about bad rap lyrics brought this to my attention. Worth clicking on, but if you can't be arsed then i've copied the best bit here:

"Don't they know my nigga Gutter fuckin' kidnap kids?
Fuck 'em in the ass, throw 'em over the bridge.

Ummm ... What?

Did you just say...

When we first heard this line, we reacted like Chris Parnell upon hearing Ron Burgundy tell San Diegans to go fuck themselves: 'Why Biggie? Why!? You were our hero and now you have to go and ruin it with your poop mouth!'

Don't get us wrong, violence in rap is, for the most part, acceptable across the board. Whether you're talking about slapping a woman (Eazy E, "Boyz N Da Hood"), shooting a cop (Ice T, "Cop Killah'") or cutting off and mailing someone's body parts to them (Jay Z, Nas, Biggie-All The Time) we're all for it. The violence is all part of trying to get ahead in the game, and that, for some reason, is okay.

But bragging that you hang out with people who rape children? Well, that crosses just about every line that rap has been tip-toeing up to this point in time. Saying you're friends with Pablo Escobar? Bad ass. Saying you're friends with the Atlanta Child Strangler? Ummm, not cool, really in any circles. Firing off shots in a crowded lobby (Nas, "NY State of Mind") is great, we just don't want to hear how you like fucking hitch hikers with a buzz-saw before turning them into a skin suit (Biggie, "The Album He Probably Would Have Made Were He Still Alive")."

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