Sunday, 3 August 2008

Political Apathy

If there has been a political heyday in living memory, where people actually gave a shit about politics, it has to be John Major's era of Sleaze in the 90s. From David Mellor having sex in a Chelsea shirt,

And lurid stories of Ron Davies' getting himself mugged whilst cruising on Clapham Common (and afterwards claiming he was looking for badgers)

There has never been such public interest in the Government. Now however, I think most people would struggle to name a single member of the cabinet. In fact, these days there's such a shortage of Ministers fingering their secretaries that the nation has been reduced to making up public figures of interest, culminating with the recent prying through Max Mosely's sordid little lunch hours.

Compare this to Europe, where we've got Silvio Berlusconi. I couldn't imagine Gordon Brown giving the 'Rumpy-Pumpy' gesture to seomeone outside Number 10...

Or imagine him saying all the women in the opposition are ugly. But that's exactly what I want.

I think the only hope for Britain to become Great again is for The Queen, Charles and William all to become involved in a terrifying asphyxi-wank suicide pact, leaving Harry to become King and get the tabloids up and running again. More newspaper sales = more advertising = more spending on the High Street = Britain strong once more.

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