Thursday, 21 August 2008

Infinity Explained

Laziness is a pretty weird concept. Sometimes being lazy takes such commendable dedication and commitment, that it’s actually not lazy anymore. For example, Lying in bed all day watching TV? That is lazy. Lying in bed all day with slippers on? Yeah, that’s pretty lazy.

However, if you really feel like pushing the envelope you could buy one of these ‘Big Slippers’ for £60.

I can’t get my head around the idea of buying a slipper that’s so big you put BOTH feet into it. I mean, that is definitely such a dedication to laziness that it’s gone full circle and you’re no longer lazy. If you need to take a piss, you’d need to go through all the toil of bending down, unleashing your sweltering feet, and then gamboling to the toilet (on a cold floor) and losing all the benefits you’ve just gained.

This is such a perfect example of things going full circle that I should try to sell it to schools for when they try to explain infinity in GCSE maths, like when you draw a graph of the tan 90 curve and it goes so far upwards that it ends up coming up from underneath over the other side of 90.

The only other benefit I can see to these is buying two and leaving them in your living room at night in the hope that any burglar is going to shit themselves at realization that they’ve broken into the house of a fucking giant.

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