Friday, 1 August 2008

Something else that can fuck itself

Remember when mobile phone companies had an arms race about size of phones and it got really stupid and they got as if not more inpractical as the really big phones? Now they seem to be doing this with memory sticks, I just got issued with these tiny little turds:

Any woman will tell you small is not always desirable, and that's the case with these useless 'Sony MicroVault Tiny' things I'm supposed to store my bullshit 'work' on. Firstly, they don't really work in all computers because they've removed the metal bits that usually go around the connection points or whatever so it's touch and go whether or not connection points even connect to the ones in the computer cos it sort of wobbles a bit instead of sturdily being held in place by a bit of metal. Secondly, they are so small you lose them on your desk about 18 times a day. Thirdly, they have nothing to attach themselves to a keyring or anything like that, they just come in this gay little holster (see below), which in turn is only attached to a bit of springy rubber that is attached to a tiny piece of string. But the fucking things are bound to fall out of the holster, the holster is bound to split cos it's only may of shit plastic, the rubber springy bit is bound to snap and the string is bound to perish. This product is shit and makes my day that little bit longer, duller and more frustrating. I have ten days left thank fuck.

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