Thursday, 21 August 2008

Stream of Consciousness

This pretty much follows straight on from my last post (below). I thought it would make me look really clever to reference Dostoyevsky like I read Russian literature all the time (I actually do a bit, but only because I’m a really slow reader and it takes me forever to finish even the shortest of short stories).

I bought Iggy Pop’s album The Idiot at the weekend and stumbled upon this blog which goes into really minute detail about why The Idiot is the best album ever. It’s quite good, but I’m not sure I’d go as far as to say that… Maybe I need to give it a few more listens. I was quite bored, so I flicked through some books and saw the below passage about laziness, which is actually in Notes from the Underground, but still quite good. I think when Dostoyevsky was writing this, he probably didn’t imagine his ideas could be taken to the next level on a highflying blog like this…

I also watched Control on the same day, and saw Ian Curtis listening to The Idiot before he hanged himself, so it felt like through all this cross-referencing my whole life was really coming together. I’d hoped that in writing this blog post that all these different ideas would come together to form one big punchline like at the end of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, but it doesn’t really seem to have happened has it?

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