Sunday, 24 August 2008


... so I've spent pretty much the whole day arsing around different blogs, finding a bit of music here and there. For the most part, I've been searching for a song that I like and want to own, but can't be bothered to buy. Doing a Google search through 'Blogs' is really handy for this, and I've gotten hold of some good music as well as stumbled across a few really good blogs.

I've also come across a few horrors though, including this one which hosts more Coldplay recordings than I ever wanted to know existed. And more importantly, why do people say shit like this on the internet (in his Profile section):

"dr. Me? u may keeep discoverin all your life and still you may never ever know me... coz u were trying. not 'knowing', not 'feeling'. you see, im one of those loony people you see - you know the ones that roam around the planet as if they owned it. reach for the sky as if they had wings. the minute you try to hold them down, they just smile back and fly away. You think you'd clip their wings sometime... but they just break them off, patiently grow new ones and fly away again... to find their haven of faith in a world that chooses otherwise. Thats me. ... and if you look within, maybe, thats You too."

No, that is NOT me. I always walk down the street like I own it, but I have definitely never reached for the sky like I had wings and then flown off when someone tried to 'hold me down'. Seriously, all this anonymity gives the internet a bad name. The sooner we all know what each other's thinking, the better.

Until then, I'll take advantage of the situation to admit that I can't get enough of real shit music like this:

Real McCoy - Another Night

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