Thursday, 22 January 2009

Band Photos

Having ended 2008 with about 10,000 photos (literally) of the year, the onus is really on for 'something exciting to be happening', so they'll actually be of interest to people in years to come like these pictures of Oasis. Say what you like about Oasis, but early band photos are amazing.

Fact is, I'm pretty sure no one will care about 1,500 pictures of me drunk in a club.

Pretty unrelated, but I can't stop listening to this Luther Vandross song. You should watch the video on youtube (some DICKHEAD has made embedding forbidden on it), cos for the most boring video i've ever seen, it has the power to completely arrest you and make you watch the whole thing. Maybe that's due to how much I love the song though.

Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (Right-Click to Save)


louise said...

Literally one of the best songs ever. Name one other track that you can not only make sweet sweet love to, but can also soundtrack you putting a bullet in a prostitutes head in GTA.

O'Real said...

exactly. it suits EVERY situation