Monday, 26 January 2009


I had an ingrowing hair on my cheek (from my beard), but now it's gone under the skin and it's all hard and it's really bugging me cos I feel like it's turned into a cyst but I can't squeeze it cos it's too far under the skin. I think if I could get a pin and really get in there with it and then squeeze it some really great stuff would come out. I hardly ever get decent spots anymore and I really miss that incredibly intense feeling of satisfaction that you get as the solid, almost dry white shit fires out onto the mirror and you can hear it exit your skin. The only substitute for that sensation is watching other people squeeze their spots on Youtube. Here are my top 3 Zit Pop videos..

I would let this girl pop my zits all day long. Hubba hubba, as Chris might say..

I think Ashton Kutcher is filming this one. "Oh. My. GOD! DOOOOOD!...Dude, that is... ewwww"

Oh my fucking christ.


lunch said...

i used to go to all the time but trying to watch that last one while im in class and supposed to be paying attantion/working/being quiet, i am teary eyed.

hb said...

I don't know what the hell I was thinking that watching zits being squeezed wouldn't be totally disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Considering I would assume at least one person who writes here would be a Pantera fan, I can't believe you missed the video of Dimebag Darrell getting a zit on his butt cheek popped.