Friday, 9 January 2009


The thing about that guy on the bus with Chris is that he's what the majority of fans of any kind of music are like, they're just nerds who got into something that it's ok to be nerdy about. Nerds especially love 'extreme' music like metal or punk because they doth protest too much, and it's as far removed from html coding, BBC programming and gaming in their room that they can possibly get, ideology-wise. You can't hide from the truth though, have you ever met a hardcore kid? They are basically all completely autistic, they can't talk to girls not at all (it's embarrassing introducing your girlfriend to one), they tuck their tshirts in and they love to tie their shoelaces really tight. More proof that metalheads are nerds can be found below as well.


Conroy said...

i met the bald dude from slayer in an internet music forum once, he proved he was the bald dude from slayer, he sent me a cd of porn images in the post. he was into some pretty fucked up stuff, i disposed of it.

Robert Thumbs Downey Jr said...

that is crazy

videotime said...

What the hell! Conroy that is completely bonkers.

The geeks at my school were nearly all metalheads. The main one called Finn used to carry his school books in a wheeley granny bag everyday. They all loved the computer lab, trenchcoats, rammstein,iron maiden, korn and anime porn.
Whenever I watch Resident Evil I think of those guys, it captures their essence perfectly.
Good guys to hang out with at lunch if you could not be bothered to do anything else. A smelly and warm hour well spent watching really old ebaumsworld videos on dial up school pc's whilst they rinse the shit out of each other on whatever game Daniel (Jewish nu metal juggalo with dread locks) bought.