Wednesday, 7 January 2009

RIP Dignity

So, Ron Asheton bought the farm and not only are people fussing and fighting over his guitars already, but Iggy has further danced (in quite a sexually charged fashion, I might add) on his grave by appearing in this car insurance advert.

I know this was filmed months ago, but the timing is obviously pretty bad. Who'd have thought you could say fuck you to the man with car insurance? Err, turns out you can't, grandad. If I was Iggy I'd have this pulled off the air out of respect and if I was short of cash just do another album featuring people from Sum 41, which although totally gross, can be excused on the grounds of being old and out of touch with what music is ok. Car Insurance adverts, however, have never been acceptable to be involved in -he could have just done a World Of Warcraft commercial like Ozzy, but of course Ozzy fucked up his chances of dying with dignity years ago, as we all know. Every rockstar who hits fifty and can't sit in an easy chair in their country pile supping on a hot steaming mug of shut the hell up should be handed the shotgun that Dylan Carlson gave Kurt and be told to do the honourable thing.

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Conroy said...

every fucker is selling out to these adverts now, have you seen that aviva shite with them all anouncing their real names?