Sunday, 11 January 2009

Animal Farm

I'm not really much of an 'animal person', and i never have been. Never had a pet, and have minimal to no interest in going on safari or in seeing animals at all. The one time I thought I should maybe take more of an interest in animals during a school trip to Howletts Zoo which specialises in monkeys (where a few years earlier one of the workers was ripped apart by one of the monkeys when he went into the cage to feed it). Just beofre we got to lunch, we saw a group of chimps (pretty cool anyway) and it became clear one of them was having a wank. I wasn't too sure what that meant at the time, but I knew even then that it was something i wouldn't want to forget.

Youtube is full of things like this, so here's a few highlights. you may as well watch them cos they're all like 5-10 seconds long. My favourite is this one of a monkey having a blow job. He tries to play it cool and check his nails half way through, but once he comes and it's over, he sheepishly turns round so as not to look the other monkey in the eye. His lust satiated, he enters a moment of clarity and his face is full of guilt, remorse, and fear as he now wonders where this relationship is going given that she likes him a lot more than he likes her.



and Elephants dicks are all completely disgusting by the way.

And as a soundtrack to this bestial voyeurism, you could do a lot worse than listen to the below Moodymann track 'Freeki Mutha fucka' which is quite erection inducing.

Moodymann - Freeki MF
(which i stole off this blog)


JIRO said...

What about those diseased mice that constantly walk all over your face every night you're asleep, pissing and shitting in your mouth, you like them.

Bruce La Vrai said...


Kat George said...

You didn't put the horny dog... You're a different man than I thought you were...

louise said...

I honestly dont know whats worse. The people filming a monkey having a wank, or me watching a monkey having a wank. It's the big brother theory all over again.