Friday, 2 January 2009

Top Fancy Dress Moments of 2008

I guess I'm pretty late on the 'Top 10...' list thing of last year. But for me 2008 was a year made most memorable not by the big stories of America electing a Black Man, or the world's financial institutions falling to their knees, but by the amount of Fancy Dress Parties I went to (I'd never been to one before this year) and the quality of outfits worn.

I think it would make the world a better place if people made an effort to make 2009 the year of sporadically dressing in 'Fancy Dress' regardless of the occasion or even if others will also be in Fancy Dress. There were a few trend setters of this last year; those who took it upon themselves to 'Dress Up' when the occasion probably didn't warrant it:

My favourite was this effort by Gabriel, who was abused for being Jewish walking down the street in Soho (he's not Jewish, but i guess they must have seen his beard and jumped to the conclusion...) so he took it upon himself to dress as 'kosher' as possible:

As a Yang to this Ying, there was also a huge number of swastikas drawn on friends as they slept. This one is just a drop in the ocean.

Shirts Off, alongside general nudity was also a big feature of the year. One of my faves:

I also realised the reason why American sports involve wearing so many over-the-top 'uniforms'... Because playing sports in a ton of dedicated gear makes it about a million times more fun. It even made cricket seem exciting.

Wedgies are still fun, especially when you're wearing pink pants (and especially so if the last time you wore them you got lucky and got a girl back to your bed, and then when she saw the pink pants she said "what the fuck or those?", put her clothes back on and left your flat).

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