Sunday, 11 January 2009

Body Modification is for puffs

I've been looking at Modblog and its parent site, BMEzine, for years, probably since I was about seventeen and first became narcissistic enough to want to 'adorn' my body with 'ink'. Regrettably, I check them both a few times a week to catch up on the latest in 'body art', and am constantly amazed at the new levels of self obsession, attention seeking and vanity that are sunk to every day. The photo below is a pretty great example of how douchebag-y people who submit stuff to these sites are. It is credited to the subject, so imagine the lengths he had to go to, rigging up a camera from a massive tripod or however the fuck he did it, just to get an image of him looking sleepy but sexy and tattooed. Stuff like this is what the word 'fag' was invented for.

The problem is that tattoos have become so gentrified these days that being into them is basically like being into haircuts or shoes, which are totally gay things to be into. Check out this prime cut of homo below, he has 'I CUT HAIR' across his knuckles, and look at how he's cut his Minor Threat shirt to show off his sexy chest. These levels of fruitbaggery are not what Rollins and Mackaye fought the punk rock wars for. I'd like to see this douche punch a cop or eat dogfood rolled up in balls of white bread while on tour, he's probably on the Atkins diet and has a manicurist.

On the other hand, there are still some real men getting tattooed out there -like Mike, below- who are willing to sacrifice any relationship with a woman who doesn't fucking hate herself, just for the sake of being a total fucking scumbag.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever Mike is, he's got issues with women, but that's ok... At least his tattoos make that abundantly clear in the first place so nobody will be mislead. I agree that the other 2 examples are pretty lame, even from an artistic point of view. Since when did all tattoos, regardless of subject matter or quality, get to be the subject of pride and display?