Thursday, 15 January 2009

Cash for Coprology

I presume everyone does this at least one time in their life; but I know I have always made fairly rough estimates of ‘how much I’ve just been paid to take a dump’ whilst at work. The maths is fairly simple. Work out your rate per hour and divide that by the total time on the toilet. However, the margin for error on both these counts leaves plenty of room for error. For a start, I don’t wear a watch, so my reading of how long I’ve been gone for can only be roughly guessed by looking at the minute hand of the clock on the wall, which is imprecise at best. And who knows who you’ll bump into on the way! Don’t forget that also counts as time away from your desk when you should be working.

So if you were ever unsure of how best to calculate this vital ‘price per poo’, you’ve just found a solution… This website lets you time the exact length of time you’re away from your desk and calculates how much you’ve just been paid for it. Just make sure you hide it on your desktop or any passers-by will think you’re the fucking biggest loser ever and won’t offer you cakes when it’s their birthday.

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