Monday, 15 September 2008

Comedy Music

I had this conversation at the weekend with a few friends and it made me realise how pointless comedy music is.

Fact is, music matures with age, and sometimes gets better the more times you hear it. But I have NEVER heard a joke that gets better the more i heard it. (Apart maybe from that one about the Pope and Maddie McCann... that one gets me every time).

If you hear a joke more than 2 times, it becomes what's known as an 'old joke', therefore not funny. Listening to a 3 minute long joke is painful, and 'the joke' gets 'old' very quickly... There is no way you are even going to watch the youtube clip above the whole way through so why would you consider buying a comedy album and listening to the whole 60 minutes over and over again? You're not. Therefore, comedy music is pointless.

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