Monday, 1 September 2008

Fun Lovin' Silence

So the Fun Lovin' Criminals are playing a one-off 'silent disco' at the High Court in London, where punters will listen to the music through wireless headphones. WHAT THE FUCK. What the fuck is the world coming to? Why is there even a wireless disco in the High Courts? Why does a wireless disco even exist?

'Hi Adrian, what you up to this weekend? Fancy going to the silent disco, we can pick up loads of hot chicks apparently. Be a good chance for you to crack those white Havaiina's you been saving all summer, they'd look so funky with that straw hat you were wearing a Tabitha's dinner party last weekend.'

Sorry, but that's so fucking gay.

Apparently the sound is amplified through the headphones and not the speakers, meaning you can hear nothing without the headphones. The drummer is even going to be in a fucking soundproof box.

One question, why? What's the point? Do you know how fucking stupid you're gonna look dancing away to such hits as Scooby Snacks and Love Unlimited with headphones on? This is also means you could take off your headphones at any point to be greeted with the sound of 650 pairs of feet shuffling away to the sound of nothing. Just retarded.

It's a shame really cos I used to think that Huey was a pretty swell guy. He used to come in to size? when I worked there years ago to buy white on white 'Uptowns'. He would always come to see me because he thought I was jokes or something and no matter what time of day it was he was always high as a motherfucker. Guess times are hard huh. Or are they? Tickets are free and available from something really cool called 'Facebook'.

Well, well done world, you disgust me more and more, day by day. I'm off to invent a guitar that rapes dickheads.


WeAreElectric said...

Wise up. Silent Discos are pretty lefal. If you're gonna be so harsh with your critique you could at least make it slightly funny.

Aaron said...

Wise Up?

Thurston von Trumpington said...

Dude, Silent Disco's are sooo pointless... Go to a club / gig, but not have any music played out loud??

WTF. Maybe i'll go to a strip club with a blindfold on? Or go to a restaurant and have puree fed to me intravenously??

People need to get over gimmicks.