Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I nearly didn’t post this because it’s so hard to get across through either an accompanying picture or youtube video the EXACT noise of what I’m talking about here, even though you’ll know just what I mean….

You know that noise when old people open their mouths, but it’s not just their mouth their opening, it’s like they’re licking the whole inside of their mouth, and it’s all really dry, but also really wet, all at the same time?? You know, the one that’s only beaten in the annoying stakes by when old people do it JUST before they talk, EVERY time they talk??

(my theory on it is that once old people start talking louder than the rest of society they must notice that everyone gets a shock when they start talking/shouting - which can’t be a very nice feeling - so I reckon they do this just to warn the world not to be alarmed by what’s about to happen)

Anyway, I’ve been pretty bored today and have started doing this before I talk, every time I talk, and personally I’ve found it hilarious. The next time I’m stuck next to someone I want to escape from I’m pretty sure this tactic will work a treat.

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