Sunday, 28 September 2008

Game Boys

When I was presenting video games to people for a job I encountered a lot of kids like these guys. They were super polite and enthusiastic, although I wouldn't have ever called them friendly, they took themselves very seriously and focused pretty hard on the matter in hand, they didn't really take kindly to me trying to steer the conversation away from what they wanted to talk about (usually video games). They were good guys but they all had this kind of quiet aggression and defensive pride that you could see had grown out of too many wedgies and PE/gym embarrassments. Like, we'd be chatting away relatively jovially about some dumb game or other and then I'd jokily reference a game on a different console and they'd freeze up and go all serious and say firmly "it's not as good. Not at all." or something like that. It'd be really awkward for like, three seconds, and then they'd kind of look embarrassed for making things awkward, as if their pedantic-ness was a sort of Tourettes they just couldn't help. The men in these videos are bad news for the parents of the teenagers I was talking to, because sometimes it isn't just a phase.

(Lixo had the first video on his blog...


Thurston von Trumpington said...

Just don't end up like this guy -

Anonymous said...

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- Kris