Monday, 22 September 2008

Guns and Ammo

This weekend I went to the countryside and had a go on my friend George's (he of the ghost stories) new air rifle, it's a gas powered one so you need a proper firearms license and it'll take out a rabbit at two hundred yards, the telescopic sights are cool, it fires fifteen shots without reloading and it feels really great holding it too. It was like a massive, polished, deadly version of my own penis.

Being a country boy I used to shoot all the time until I got into 'right-on' music (lame vegan pop-punk mostly) when I was fifteen and decided it was wrong. I don't think it is wrong anymore, not because I think animals need to be culled so much as it's clearly a lot of fun culling them, and they're only fucking rabbits right? Who gives a fuck about them? We didn't get any animals this time but we shook up some cans of bitter and shot the shit out of them, which in hindsight looks kind of dull on video given the CGI special effects and explosions in today's major Hollywood blockbusters, but it was still a good time.

I don't know why we took our tops off...

...but it felt really good.