Thursday, 18 September 2008

Holy shit caps, Batman!

These are pretty much the worst items of sportswear I've ever seen, who'd wear a camp TV character's torso on their head? It doesn't make sense! And who'd be Robin? I suppose this would work really well if it was a gay thing (couples could wear them, it would be cool, it goes without saying the guy who takes it would be Robin), but it's probably going to be a Bathing Ape moron thing, which is going to be funny. I can't wait to see one of these bopping around Soho on the head of some silly boy listening to jazzy hip hop and wearing cartoon shoes. For people who look like clowns, those guys are always so dull when you actually have to hang out with them (nine months of Size? was enough for me), they always have dry girlfriends and pension plans and they do 3D graffiti on their computers.


Clifford Maxwell Price said...

This is a classic example of 'that's such a shit idea, how did whoever come up with such a bad idea ever convince SO MANY other people I'm right'. Like I Heart Huckabees. Worst movie ever. And Crocs. EHy make your feet look like troll children from Fantasia. SO inanely bad it's annoying. Luckily for me I know the guy who designed it and the guy who bought the product into said retailer. Look at fucking me

videotime said...

I totally cosign on the the overrated i heart huckabees.
I also agree that these hats are incredibly bad. But I looooove my comfy crocs for going down the shops!

Actually I also think Crocs are crap, I had you wondering did I not?