Sunday, 16 November 2008

Alan Moore

Alan Moore and his girlfriend have written a filthy comic about Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Wendy from Peter Pan and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz going on sexual adventures and lezzing up and stuff. It's called The Lost Girls and it's great because it's not just (really) dirty but it's all emotional and there's a proper story, it's respectable filth. I went to see him talk about it at the V & A on Friday night, he talked with genial authority in a gentle Northampton accent about a number of things and the book looks great too.

Fred and Lester are big fans, Fred wore a suit and wrote him a letter, Lester brought some 2000ADs with him to get him to sign them.

Here he is mid chat, with his girlfriend and the interviewer, he looks like the guy from Wizzard if he was into Sunn0))).

Comic book nerds have great hair.

Lester getting his comics signed. "Dear Ebay, best wishes, Alan Moore".

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