Thursday, 6 November 2008


TRC are back with their peculiar but endearing blend of looking like Essex boys but also playing tough hardcore. I was in the Crobar after Biohazard played the other night and their bassist Preston -who is about the nicest guy in the world- was telling me how their new video was shot in front of a green screen, I was anticipating something good/jokes but this is more than I could have dreamed - it looks like an expensive R'n'B video. I hope they get it on Channel U like they've always threatened to.

Rumours I have heard about TRC:

  • One of the singers once had a segment dedicated to him on Crimewatch
  • Another one left his job to become a professional bodybuilder
  • It stands for Teenage Robbing Crew
  • It stands for Train (w)Recking Crew
Hopefully they will be playing soon, they are one of the few bands I can actually be bothered to go see live as they are always super entertaining and the audience is always super violent. They would have been the natural choice to support Biohazard but they probably went with some gay metal band from the provinces instead.

Here is an older, less pro but equally entertaining video by them.

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