Monday, 3 November 2008

The gay flyers I got given last weekend revisited

I posted a picture of one of these last week, but I don't think I really stressed enough how lame and awful this kind of thing is. Here is an open letter addressed to the person who gave these to me last week.

Hey, Timid Little Girl Who Handed Me These At The Macbeth Last Week!
How's the art foundation going? So what's the big idea? You hope your flyers will be a conversation piece for all the jaded drunks at the Macbeth? They barely registered the band playing because they were too busy looking for someone to go halves on a gram with, no one's been taken seriously for being this earnest since the sixties! I know you wanted us all to stop and think about our actions and maybe you're imagining some art documentary in thirty years where someone or other cites being handed one of these flyers as a huge influence on their work, but that simply won't be happening. You should try to go to Norwich or some provincial art school where the boys listen to Roots Manuva as if it's brand new and the girls don't shave their armpits, then you'd really change the lives of and directions of a bunch of artists who are never going to amount to anything anyway. Maybe I'm just shitting on you because someone like you is responsible for a pretty traumatic event in my life, maybe I just think this kind of thing reaks of how boring, stupid and unoriginal 99.9999% of everyone in the world is, I'm not sure. All I know is, in terms of spreading ideas quickly and cheaply, have you ever heard of a little something called the internet!? Or did you just want to be cute? You probably could have bought three or four stinking vintage old lady dresses and a single train fare to Norwich for the money you spent on printing these boring 'drawn from photos' illustrations with totally gay sentiments on them.

Anyway, hopefully in a year or two you'll be as jaded and miserable as everyone else in London and we'll all laugh about when you thought you could change the course of art with a shitty flyer.

Best of luck with everything


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with being earnest Bobbo. It makes a change from crushing, stifling and boring cynics who thing it's ok to use the n-word cos they listened toRoots Manuva when he was skinny or some
shit. It's not wrong to mean stuff!
nd lay off Norwich, I had some of my best times dancing around to Orange Juice with happy yet pretentious art students. Plus Roots said it was the New Los Angeles. Truffax.

Robert Thumbs Downey Jr said...

he said that? I take it all back then

Anonymous said...

He did, I was there. I've been meaning to have it put on a T Shirt ever since.

Anonymous said...

don't apologise for being right.
don't lay off norwich.

Conroy said...

what the fucking crudding hell is this shit? I can't believe someone even bothered to make that. Next time, you need to tell her, 'yeah love the concept, let me photograph you and i'll blog about it'' This post is not complete without a picture of her, how am i supposed to imagine preying upon her innocence??

your flatmate said...

bob it sounds like you are a self hating art student.