Monday, 10 November 2008

Brand Merchandise

Hey, look at how cool my laptop looks! Yes, Noodles And Broth is a brand these days. When Will Hutson's not drunkenly stepping on other people's girlfriends or aimlessly driving around on his own he's actually pretty good at drawing and knocked up a logo for us, then my buddy Tom who works at a sticker place did a bunch of vinyl stickers for free. So if you want one, give me a call or get one off me when you see me as I'll have them with me all the time. There's a variety of colours available and even some extra large ones.

PS T-shirts are taking longer than anticipated but believe me it'll be totes worth the wait.

PPS Do you like my Bodean's sticker?


Thurston von Trumpington said...

man, i got one of those bodeans stickers the other week and i was really looking forward to showing it off to people.

i got quite distracted by the fact that the meal totally made me shit my pants. i had to go TWICE on an hour long train.

Robert Thumbs Downey Jr said...

yeah it can be brutal for that. we should go this week. call a brother.