Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Teenage girls ain't so bad

My housemate, who was once a teenage girl herself apparently, was annoyed about what I said before about them being mean and stuff, which I suppose was a generalisation. She cites this as a perfect example of how they can be really great and understanding.

She is the only one of the family who is totally accepting of her lesbian aunt, which is commendable.


kat.george said...

I went to an all girls high school and i can vouch for the fact that all teenage girls are cunts.

even the ones you think are nice. they're not.

Chris Moss said...

bullied much?

kat.george said...

heaps. but i was a little cunt too so probably deserved it.

Conroy said...

Teenage girls own the thing which is basically the holy grail of all existance- teenage pussy, so they know they have the power to be a total cunt if they so wish.