Monday, 24 November 2008


I'm pretty certain I'm just being slow on the uptake here, but I heard a Radio stream Ronojoy did on the internet a few months ago, and there was one song that completely blew my mind. It was labeled 'Closer - Closer' and i couldn't find anything else out on it (have you ever tried googling just the same word repeated?? impossible).

Anyway, Ted played it on Saturday night at Ronojoy's party and although I'm sure he just made up the artist and title to get rid of me ("I don't know, 'I need your lovin?'") i managed to find it on the internet tonight. Real happy with how this has worked out. Oh, and if you want to read some stuff about this, have a look here.

Pineapples: Come on Closer (Right-click to download)

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