Monday, 24 November 2008

Gary Puckett

What the fuck is up with this guy? Ok, so you like young girls; we get it.

Young Girl

This Girl is a Woman Now

I think Young Girl is about him warning a young girl to run away from him because she's made him really horny and the fact he's still fiedning to get in her drawers is turning into a bit of a headfuck for him. He can't really trust himself, and it makes the song really cool, because they still play it on Radio 2 and stuff. It's the second song that worries me a little, where "she finds out what it's all about"... Oh no Gary!! Any one else reckon he realy regretted turning down the young girl in the first song and totally went to bonesville with the next young girl he could find?

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SHAR WAH! said...

duduuddde! i used to hear this song on repeat on some oldies radio station. it really freaked me out.....