Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Yoo - Hoo?!!!

I recently found myself in the situation of referencing 'the gay handkerchief code' as if it was the most basic part of common knowledge there is. Not only did I quickly find out that no one knew what the fuck I was talking about, but also that I didn't really know much more than what I'd read on Popbitch once about someone from Ultravox or something inadvertantly getting pissed on in a club because of his visible hanky.

This website is certainly one of the most conclusive dictionaries of hanky ettiquette I've ever come across (no pun intended - lol!!).

Turns out when people describe gays as being "good with colours", they really mean it. Who can tell the difference between orange, apricot, coral and gold lame in a dark club?? I suppose when it's the difference between telling the world you're not interested in any attention, or having a fat guy sit on your face, you'd probably learn pretty quickly.

The main thing to learn from this is never to wear a dark red hanky on your right side, unless you really want some guy to ram two fists up your arsehole.

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Bruce La Vrai said...

chris is totes a cream on the right kind of guy