Thursday, 20 November 2008

Poppers are the BEST

Considering that most drugs that are 'really cool' like Coke and MDMA (which are actually really boring), are completely socially acceptable, it's pretty fucked up that Poppers (which are legal) and an amazing addition to any night out, are entirely UNacceptable, unless you're 14 and you're also having your first ever cigarette.

Coke is the most predictable drug in the world. It's so fucking dull. Any night out taking coke always ends up the same way, having a really 'deep' conversation with someone you don't like at 6am; listening to how much they love their parents. All the while, having a really intense need to talk, but wanting to be anywhere else in the world. And you have to pay £40-50 quid for it. No thanks.

The same with MDMA. Sure, you'll dance loads, and then either talk to no one staring at the DJ, or sit down to talk to any stranger who comes near. But you know you're going to end up at a stranger's house waiitng for someone to produce more drugs, or at least a spliff so you can get to sleep. And when you go to take a piss you'll get really freaked out that your dick has turned into a fleshy clitoris, worrying it might never return to normal.

Poppers however... are so much fun you'll end up charging around saying things like "I've forgotten how weird they make you feel! ha ha ha!!", and you can take as much as you want, safe in the knowledge you'll fee fine the next day. Good bye MonDMA-Days!!

Just look how much fun this guy is having!

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