Friday, 28 November 2008


JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. it has been a long time since i read a book this quickly. Not since i did King Solomon's Mines in one day, which on a more recent perusing I noted to be full of a really quite ballsy level of racism.
It is all about a man called Edward Paisnel, a family man from Jersey who turned out to be responsible for 11 years of sex attacks and murders. Andy lent it to me. The best part is that he was obsessed with black magic and the occult. The second best part is that he wore a terrifying outfit to commit his crimes (often on kids). The third best bit is that it is written by his wife who was totally oblivious. The cover is pretty rad too...

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JIRO said...

I just read he used to go dressed as Father Christmas to that care home in Jersey where all the human skeletons were found, what the fucks wrong with Jersey, Bergerac didn't do a very good job of cleaning it up did he.